Disc Golfing Products

Tom and Dick's party store provides a variety of disc golfing products. We sell discs from brand names such as Innova, Vibrant, Discmania, MVP, Lattitude 64, and Westside. In addition to discs, we also sell disc bags and apparel.

Payday Loans

CASH FOR CHECKS (1-866-525-8041)

Cash for Checks is a payday loan service offered by Tom and Dick's Party Store. If you need cash now, Cash for Checks will hold your check for 15 days and give you cash TODAY! Your check will be deposited on the due date, or you can come in and pay it off. You could then be eligible to do a new transation with us whenever you wish!

* If you are 60 or older, we will hold your check for 21 days.

If you need extra cash for:

  • Medical Emergency
  • Past Due Bills
  • Vehicle Repairs
  • Family Vacation
  • Others

We advance up to $550.00 instantly!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Copy of current MI Driver's License
  • Copy of your social security number
  • Last two current pay stub or other proof of income
  • Two most recent month's bank statement(Account opened for at least 6 full months)
  • Working telephone number

It's that EASY!

Instant Approval Process!

No Credit Check!


Tom and Dick's Party Store stocks a wide variety of domestic and popular imports for your taste. Stop in and say hello and ask about our beer specials! We always have monthly beer specials. So stop in and find out what's brewing! We also have keg beer for your large events.

* When ordering keg style beer, please call 2 days in advance.

Liquor and Wine

Our liquor selection will help you bring spirits of joy to your celebrations and gatherings. Whether you have a taste for bourbon, brandy, whiskey, rum, or vodka, our variety of brands and mixes will not limit your choices when planning a party.

Our wine selection and specials will warm your heart and provide that special touch to your dinner party or that special date. Stop in and see what wines are included in our monthly specials.


Every week at Tom and Dick's you can find specials on name brand cigarrets. We have a generous variety of both name brand and specialty brand cigarrets. We also have several flavors of bulk tobacco for those that would rather roll their own smokes. In our bulk tobacco section you will find rolling supplies such as cigarret tubes, papers, and rolling machines. We also carry various brands of chewing tobacco products.


For those that enjoy playing the lottery, Tom and Dick's provides a full line of Michigan Lottery products. We have scratch off tickets, daily 3, daily 4 (drawn twice per day), and keno. We also have Mega Millions (drawn Tue. and Fri.), Lotto 47 (drawn Wed. and Sat.), Fantasy 5 (also drawn daily), and Powerball (drawn Sat. and Wed.).

Hunting and Fishing License

Whether you are a novice or seasoned outdoors person, when you plan a hunting or fishing event, you will need to be licensed. Tom and Dick's is an official agent, licensed by the DNR to provide you a license for hunting and fishing in Michigan. Tom and Dick's also provides state guide books for rules and regulations.


Tom and Dick's carries a variety of convenient store items for your quick shopping needs. We have snack foods like chips, dips, salsa, candy bars, and beef jerky to complement your weekend gatherings or to silence that mid-day hunger. We also have cold drinks ranging from water to energy drinks to wash down your snacks and quench your thirst. We also have cold cuts, cheese, milk, eggs, and bacon, as well as packaged meats from Circle M ranch. In our freezer section we have frozen dinners, pizza, and many more snack items. Our shelves are stocked with canned and packaged food items for the makings of a quick lunch or dinner. If you are in need of household supplies like toiletries, cleaning supplies, or paper products, you will find what you need. We carry a wide variety of over-the-counter remedies for when you are feeling under the weather or in need of a topical application for those annoying ailments like small cuts or chapped lips.